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Facial Soap (Approx 35g)

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RaynieJFaithful to Nature
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I’m usually hesitant to use soap bars on my face as I find them super drying, but I haven’t had that experience with this soap. Paired with my Konjac sponge this soap lathers really well, removes makeup and cleanses without leaving your face feeling dry. It’s fresh and the scent doesn’t overpower you which is great for sensitive skin as well.
RosiFaithful to Nature
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I'm a sucker for facial mud masks. But this one tops it all. And the best part is that it has so many different products you can choose from and be versatile.
Sugar Spice Blog Siobhan
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I love this set! I enjoy mixing up my own masks to suit my skincare needs, and the sample kit comes with a facial soap and a facial oil as well, which I like. It’s super easy, not as messy as you’d expect, and it’s gentle and effective.
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Our MudMask Facial Soap is handmade. Therefore, each soap is unique and may differ for the soaps pictured on the website.

This facial soap is perfect for problematic skin, especially for acne-prone skin. It contains Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Essential Oil.

The Activated Charcoal will assist in removing superficial dirt and dead skin cells while the Tea Tree help in disinfecting the area to prevent further breakouts.

Note: This Facial Soap can be slightly drying. Therefore, we recommend using it with our MudMask Facial Oil.

1 review for Facial Soap (Approx 35g)

  1. Claudine Barradas

    Amaizng Faical soap! Smells amaizng and leaves my skin feeling silky soft!

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