Sugar Scrub (200g)



A gentle exfoliator that will take your showering experience from a quick 2-minute necessity to a relaxing 2-minute aromatherapy experience.

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Need a sweet treat for your skin? Mud Mask sugar scrubs are just the thing! Our sugar scrub offers a gentle yet exfoliating way for you to shed away dead and dull skin cells leaving you radiant, soft, and smooth. Sugar scrubs are gentle on the skin, exfoliating the build-up of dead skin cells and dirt making it a great option to add to your skincare routine. They are awesome for dry areas on your skin and to bring back brightness. Formulated with Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, essential oils, and sugar, our scrubs will not only wash away dry and dead skin but will also lock in that moisture and have you glowing.

The sugar granules get to work by penetrating the skin cells and leaves skin looking bright and rejuvenated through exfoliation of the skin. Rich in vitamin E Avocado oil found in our scrubs work to nourish the skin as you scrub. The caster oil addresses any redness you may have and works as an anti-inflammatory.  Our scrubs come in scrumptious flavours such as Rooibos and Vanilla, Cucumber and Grapefruit,  Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Lemon as well as Geranium Rose.

Our rooibos and vanilla not only smells delicious but contains nutrients that promote healthy, clear, and vibrant looking skin.  

Cucumber and Grapefruit is a refreshing scrub that will help create a protective on your skin, improving firmness and elasticity. It also contains antibacterial properties and can help keep your skin clear and clean.  

The lavender scrub can soothe eczema and dry skin conditions it also helps create a moisture barrier on the skin so all the good stuff can stay in. It can also help reduce redness and inflammation, and have a calming effect as you scrub. 

Sweet Orange and Lemon scrub will nourish dry skin irritated skin. Its antibacterial properties can also assist with acne-prone skin all while brightening and rejuvenating dull skin.  

Geranium Rose scrub can assist your skin in its natural oil production as well as leaving your skin looking vibrant and fresh. Its antiseptic properties can help in reducing breakouts and soothe skin irritation. 

Mud Mask sugar scrubs are like little crystals of goodness for the skin. Perfect for exfoliating and shedding old skin for new and rejuvenated looking skin. Use a once or twice a week as part of your skincare routine, by gently rubbing the Mud Mask sugar scrub on your skin and rinse off.

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Rooibos and Vanilla, Cucumber and Grapefruit with Chia Seeds, Lavender with botanical, Sweet Orange and Lemon, Geranium Rose


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